Wine Bloggers Conference: Here I Come!


When I started this blog just 5 short months ago, I had no idea there was such a thing as the Wine Bloggers Conference, but in just a couple weeks I will be traveling to Virginia for said conference to taste a whole bunch of wine, and hopefully bring back some great recommendations for all of you.

I also had no idea there was such an amazing and supportive community of wine bloggers and wine industry folks out there. Maybe wine drinkers are just generally nice people, but I don’t think I’ve been involved in any kind of online community where the people were so supportive of each other! (I guess it’s just hard to be angry or selfish when you’re drinking a glass of good wine, after all it’s something you just naturally want to share with others.) You need no further evidence of this then to look at the many bloggers and wine professionals who give much of their time and money in order to ensure that bloggers everywhere are able to travel to Virginia to participate in this conference. And it is due to the extreme generosity of these kind people that I will be traveling to WBC11 as a scholarship recipient!

As such, I want to offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of the sponsors and donors listed below, as well as the scholarship committee for offering me this opportunity! And to all of my readers, I promise to make the most of my time at WBC11 and taste as many wines as possible in order to find and bring you those under $20 gems! (And if providence smiles on me maybe I’ll even bring back anaward or two!)

The Corporate Sponsors
Cornerstone Napa
Melissa Dobson PR & Marketing
Cartograph Wines
Hahn Wines
Wine Soiree
Layer Cake

The Donors
Amy Corron Power – Another Wine Blog
Melanie Ofenrich – Dallas Wine Chick
Joe Herrig – Suburban Wino
Liza Swift – Brix Chicks
Amanda Maynard – Wineing Woman
Megan Kenney – Wannabe Wino
Scott Wadlow – The Vino File
Doug Levy – A Marin Foodie’s Diary
Debbie Gioquindo – Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

The Committee
Thea Dwelle – Luscious Lushes
Joe Power – Another Wine Blog
Amy Power – Another Wine Blog
Jason Mancebo – $20 Wine Blog
Beau Carufel – Beau’s Barrel Room
Grace Hoffman – Cellarmistress’ Cellar Talk

Thank You!