Domaine de la Renjarde Massif d’Uchaux Côtes du Rhône Villages 2009 – French For Yummy!



65% Grenache Noir, 17% Syrah, 11% Cinsault, 4% Carignan and 4% Mourvèdre from Rhône Valley, France.

SRP of $18 and available for as low as $15. Sample received courtesy Pasternak Wine Imports for review purposes.

From the bottle:

“Domaine de la Renjarde is owned by the Richard family, proprietors of Château La Nerthe (Châteauneuf-de-Pape) and Prieuré de Montézargues (Tavel). Christian Voeux is the wine maker and manager of all three famous estates. Our 40+ year old vineyard combines all traditional grape varieties for the Southern Rhône Valley. With a deep, purple colour, our wines combine red fruit and spicy aromas with particularly soft tannins.

14.3% Alcohol”

Let’s face it, French wine can be intimidating. With the long names, famous regions, and stories of bottles worth thousand of dollars it may seem like most French wine is inaccessible, or that the wine available for under $20 must not be very good. Luckily for us that is not true, and there is a TON of wonderful French blends available in our price point. Today’s wine is a perfect example.

The 2009 Domaine de la Renjarde Massif d’Uchaux Côtes du Rhône Villages begins with fragrant aromas of blackberry, plum, spice and lilacs. The wine tastes excellent with silky black cherry and plum flavors along with some light herbal notes and light tannins. The wine has good balance and ends with a little bit of spice and then the black cherry and plum notes last for a really long time. A great choice.

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Taste Rating: 9              Cost Rating: 5
Overall Rating: 8.0

Higly Recommended


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