Familia Grittini Areo Malbec 2009 – Malbec Mania! Search For The Best Malbec Under $20


100% Malbec from Patagonia, Argentina.

SRP of $16 and available for as low as $10. Sample received courtesy Plonk Wine Club for review purposes.

From the bottle:

“Familia Grattini Winery is located in Patagonia, Argentina, where the lands encompass lakes, rivers, mountains and an endless plain, a land that invites us to live the incomparable sensation to discover magic at the end or the beginning of the world.

14.6% Alcohol”

Our next wine in the Malbec Mania series comes from Patagonia which is interesting because I just received a press release the other day for another wine that claimed to be “the only Malbec from Patagonia”. Guess not. But that’s beside the point, what we’re interested here is, “how does it taste?” And this Patagonian Malbec tastes quite good.

The 2009 Familia Grittini Areo Malbec begins with aromas of dark ripe fruit, spice, and leather. The wine tastes smooth, silky and fruity with lots of dark berry flavors but then the dry finish brings loads of deep spice to the front providing a great counterbalance. Tasty! I also found this to be surprisingly good paired with a pumpkin muffin (that had cream cheese frosting and a Heath bar crumbled on top) so it’s got some food flexibility too!

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Taste Rating: 8              Cost Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 8.0

Highly Recommended

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