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Friday, April 27, 2012

De Martino Legado Reserva Chardonnay 2010 - Tour of Chile Part 2 (Coastal Whites)

De Martino Legado Reserva Chardonnay 2010 - Tour of Chile Part 2 (Coastal Whites)

100% Chardonnay from Limari Valley, Chile.

SRP of $16 and available for as low as $12. Sample received courtesy Wines of Chile for review purposes.

From the bottle:
"De Martino, reinventing Chile. Creating wines that are a true reflection of their origin. The "Legado" range offers the best representation of a specific grape variety from the most outstanding and innovative Chilean wine producing valleys.

Limari Valley: The geography of this valley, which is wide open with access to the sea, means that there are excellent climatic conditions for the production of this variety.

Chardonnay: This wine is elegant and expressive, with a very pleasant mineral touch, plenty of fruit and creamy notes. It is flavourful, with a long finish.

13.5% Alcohol"
Today's wine is the fifth in our series and the second Chardonnay. Like the first, this wine also spends time in oak, but in this case it does definitely not overpower so I think it will appeal to quite a wide audience.

The 2010 De Martino Legado Reserva Chardonnay begins with aromas of citrus and a little butterscotch. The wine tastes of taste peach and has lots of mineral notes along with good balance and good acidity. As I mentioned, the oak does not overpower at all. Some light butterscotch notes from the bouquet carryover. The finish has good length, and you guessed it, some lingering (but light) butterscotch notes. Quite a nice Chardonnay overall.

See a listing of local retailers selling this wine here.

Taste Rating: 7              Cost Rating: 7
Overall Rating: 7.0

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