McManis Zinfandel 2010 – An Easy-Drinking and Well-Balanced Zin


Zinfandel from California.

SRP of $12 and available for as low as $10. Sample received courtesy Benson Marketing for review purposes.

From the bottle:

“Zinfandel grapes of exceptional quality made the 2010 vintage a stand-out and this wine is a great example of the combination of superior fruit and winemaking skill. Aged 4-6 months on French and American oak, this classic Zinfandel shows off its quality with gorgeous purple color, an abundance of red berry aromas, and classic red and black raspberry flavors — enough to make Zinfandel lovers swoon!

13.5% Alcohol”

We’re a fan of the McManis family wines here at The Reverse Wine Snob as we’ve featured several as Recommended Buys. This includes a Malbec (from California), a Pinot Noir and really nice Petite Sirah. Not to mention the Jack Tone line of boxed wines, also from McManis. Today’s wine; however, might just be our favorite yet.

The 2010 McManis Zinfandel begins with pleasant aromas of strawberry, raspberry, vanilla and a little spice. The wine tastes of cherry and other red berries plus some really nice pepper, spice and a little molasses. It features smooth and soft tannins. The finish is dry with a good little burst of peppery spice and then lingering notes of vanilla and caramel. This is a really nice Zin that does not go totally overboard like some others that are the rage now. I liked it quite a bit — it might even be my favorite McManis wine so far, and that’s saying something!

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Taste Rating: 8              Cost Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 8.0

Recommended Buy

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