Five Great Wine Gifts Under $25

It may only be the day after Thanksgiving, but Christmas will be here in no time! If you’re like me, you’ll probably wait until the last minute to do your shopping, so I’m going to try and help you out with some wonderful, super easy gifts that the wine lovers on your list are sure to enjoy. And the great thing is you don’t have to spend a bunch to give something really cool. Let’s take a look at some great gift ideas under $25!

vacuvin gift set

The practical gift:
Vacuvin gift set, $20 from and Prime eligible.
This is a great gift for the wine lover because it comes with pretty much everything you need – a really easy to use corkscrew that will open any bottle, plus a vacuum pump saver system for those times you can’t finish the whole bottle. As an added tip, after you seal up your wine stick it into the fridge until a few hours before you plan on drinking it again. The cooler temps will slow down the oxidation and allow your wine to last an extra day or so.


For the crafty:
If you’ve ever struggled with what to do with all those used corks, this gift is for you. Sure, you could put them into a cage, $24 from and Prime eligible, because we all know how unruly those corks can be when left to wander the house on their own. But for the crafty, this trivet set, $20 from and Prime eligible, will let your friend create their very own fully functional trivet with their used corks.



For the boater:
Wine bottle life preserver, $14 from and Prime eligible.
Because sometimes you need to make sure the most important things in life are safe and sound. A great gift that’s sure to get a laugh.





A fun party gift:
Why not liven up your next party by having a blind wine tasting? Thisblind wine tasting kit, $20 from and Prime eligible, gives you everything you need to put your skills to the test! Not for those who talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.


For the lush:
Sometimes you just want one glass. Sometimes you just want one reallygiant glass, $20 from, (that holds a full bottle of wine). And of course this giant glass set comes in a two pack because you don’t want to drink alone especially when you’re drinking an entire bottle yourself.

Giant wine glasses

For everyone:
And finally, there’s really only one gift out there that is sure to please each and every wine lover…wine! And if we’re talking about wine under $20, I’ve got plenty of ideas for you. Anything on our Top 10 lists is sure to be well-received but if you really want to impress, consider one of the wines from our Saturday Splurge series, many of which can be found for under $25.

So there you have it, a wide array of gifts for just about every wine lover and they are all under $25. Now you have no excuse to get out there and do that Christmas shopping! Just don’t wait too long, because even Amazon Prime can’t save you once we hit December 20th.

Want even more great gifts ideas? Be sure to check our Ultimate Gift Guide for Wine Lovers! Cheers