IBY Blaufrankisch Classic 2010 – Awesome Austrians Wine #3

A Beauty from Burgenland.

100% Blaufrankisch from Burgenland, Austria.

SRP of $18 and available for as low as $16. Sample received courtesy Austrian Wine for review purposes.

From the winemaker:

“Radiant, very dark ruby garnet tones with hints of violet and a dark core. The violet color at the rim with the purple notes indicate the youth of the Blaufrankisch while the long legs in the glass reveal its high extract. Pronounced fruit of cherries and blackberries with pepper and spices. Dry in style with mild acidity and juicy tannins, and a long harmonious finish. A typical representative of local Blaufrankisch finished in the traditional style, it is fruity, spicy and inviting.

13.0% Alcohol”

Blaufrankisch, which is indigenous to Austria, can also be found in places like Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and the United States. In Germany and the U.S. it is known as Lemberger most of the time. Here in the U.S. it is grown mainly in Washington state but you’ll find small amounts in places like New York and Virginia. In Austria, Blaufrankisch is the second most grown red variety behind Zweigelt and as you may remember from the first post in this series it is actually a parent to Zweigelt along with St Laurent.

Blaufrankisch is a late ripening grape that is capable of producing wines with significant aging potential and prominent tannins. But even more than that this is another example of a little known variety excelling when it is grown in its native environment — there’s a reason these varieties are indigenous to certain areas! Lucky for us, this one is priced right in our sweet spot, which is not always the case with lesser known varieties, so let’s see how it tastes.

The 2010 IBY Blaufrankisch Classic begins with a really wonderful fruity aroma with tons of berry and a little baking spice. The wine also tastes very fruity with a plethora of berry flavors — mainly cranberry, red cherry, blueberry and blackberry along with some pepper and spice. This is a lighter bodied example of the variety and might even be good slightly chilled. It ends with more fruit and a nice medium-long finish. It reminds me a little bit of Schiava mostly because both are delicious indigenous varieties that don’t get as much recognition as they should outside their respective regions. If you haven’t tried Blaufrankisch I encourage you to, plus it’s a perfect wine for the fall season!

Wine in the Awesome Austrians series:

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Taste Rating: 8              Cost Rating: 5
Overall Rating: 7.3

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