Holiday Sparklers 2012 – Le Grand Courtage Blanc De Blancs Brut

The best Sparkling Wines under $20 for the Holidays!

Available in two sizes, big bubbles and baby bubbles.

A blend of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Ugni Blanc and Colombard sparkling wine from France.

SRP of $20 and available for as low as $17. (SRP of $7 for the 187ml bottle.) Sample received for review purposes.

From the bottle:

“Embrace Life. Dream Big. Accept all Invitations.

With aromas of apples, honey and toasted brioche. Smooth and versatile. Crisp and refreshing. Great for pairing with a variety of foods. A courtship of delicate flavors and baby bubbles.

11.5% Alcohol”

Last year over the holidays one of the most popular series here at The Reverse Wine Snob was our series on the best sparkling wines under $20, entitled “Holiday Sparklers“. In that series we covered over a dozen great sparkling wines (both white and rosé) perfect for your holiday table.

This year we’re back with even more great sparkling wine! Sparkling wine is a wonderful choice for holiday parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, and, of course, New Year’s for a whole lot of reasons. Let’s tick off just a few:

  • It’s festive! Nothing says celebration like bubbles.
  • Sparkling wines are extremely food friendly. Their effervescent nature allows them to pair wonderfully with even the richest of foods.
  • There are plenty of excellent options under $20.
  • They come in lots of different varieties — from Prosecco, to Chardonnay based bubbles, to Rosé made from Pinot Noir, to blends, etc. there is an endless variety to choose from in this category.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be profiling a number of our favorite sparkling wines — and don’t forget to check out all of last year’s wines here!

Today we go to France for a sparkler that is a blend of four different varieties. Le Grand Courtage Blanc De Blancs Brut begins with aromas of apple, lemon, honeysuckle and a little yeast. The wine tastes crisp with good acidity and is not too sweet. In the mouth, there’s more apple and lemon and lots of bubbles in this food friendly wine. The finish features some toasty bread notes and has good length. Quite nice to drink, this sparkler is sure to be a crowd pleaser…plus the 187ml baby bottles will add a fun twist to any party!

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See a listing of local retailers selling this wine here.

Taste Rating: 8              Cost Rating: 4
Overall Rating: 7.0

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