The Show Garnacha 2010 – No Circus Clowns Needed

One smooth ride!

100% Garnacha from Calatayud, Spain.

SRP of $13 and available for as low as $12. Sample submitted for review.

From the bottle:

“Northeastern Spain – with its rugged terrain, hot summers and cold winters – is the birthplace of Garnacha (Grenache) and still delivers the purest expressions of this dynamic grape. Our Garnacha is concentrated and rich, bursting with dark fruit and chocolate flavors highlighted by spicy notes. You’ll quickly understand why we crossed the Atlantic to bring it back.

14.8% Alcohol”

If you’ve followed The Reverse Wine Snob for any length of time you know that I have great love for Spanish Garnacha, and particularly those from the Calatayud, just like today’s wine. (Check our current Top 10 Reds list for evidence.) Maybe I’ve just had good luck but almost everything I’ve tried from this region has been both delicious AND affordable. Let’s see if today’s wine can meet the high standard that has been set.

The 2010 The Show Garnacha begins with aromas of blackberry, spice, menthol and violets — you can tell right away this is going to be a bold one. Tasting the wine reveals a smooth and dry wine with lots of delicious fruit such as blackberry and raspberry that is layered with rich spice and plenty of black pepper. The finish is very dry and sour — so sour that it almost makes you pucker, but in a really good way. It reminds me eating a piece of candy that catches you off guard with its sourness and going right back for another piece because you enjoyed it so much!

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Taste Rating: 8              Cost Rating: 7
Overall Rating: 7.8

Recommended Buy

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