Darcie Kent Gruner Veltliner Rava Blackjack 2011 – Gruner in the U.S.A.

Tangy, tart and tasty.

Gruner Veltliner from Monterey County, California.

SRP of $18 and available for $15. Sample submitted for review.

From the bottle:

“The Rava Blackjack vineyard is ideally situated on a hillside overlooking the fertile Monterey Valley where the vines are cooled by the brisk coastal breezes and abundant Pacific fog. The result is a dry, flavorful Gruner Veltliner with hints of stone and citrus fruits complemented by gentle spices. Enjoy!

13.5% Alcohol”

It’s a fairly common thing in the wine world for varieties that are indigenous to one area to be taken and planted in another, and that’s a good thing. Sometimes they work (Malbec in Argentina) and sometimes they don’t (Nebbiolo just about anywhere besides Piedmont, Italy). So today we have a variety, Gruner Veltliner, that is primarily grown in and very closely associated with Austria. You’ll remember that we’ve reviewed a few Austrian Gruners in our Awesome Austrians series. But today’s wine is one of the few Gruner Veltliners that is grown in California. So how did this transcontinental transfer turn out?

The 2011 Darcie Kent Gruner Veltliner Rava Blackjack certainly smells like a Gruner! It begins with pleasant aromas of lime, tangerine, a little pineapple and white pepper. Tasting the wine reveals lots of tangy and tart fruit that is nicely sweet. The flavors are similar to the bouquet — citrus and tropical fruit. It doesn’t necessarily taste the same as a Gruner from Austria, but it is similar and it is quite good. It ends dry with good length and more tart fruit continuing for a good time. I like it!

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Taste Rating: 8              Cost Rating: 5
Overall Rating: 7.3

Recommended Buy

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