Golan Cabernet Sauvignon Galilee 2010 – It Rocks

Golan Cabernet Sauvignon Galilee 2010 - It Rocks
Kosher for Passover.

100% Cabernet Sauvignon from Golan Heights, Galilee, Israel.

SRP of $15 and available for as low as $12. Sample submitted for review.

From the bottle:

Golan Cabernet Sauvignon was produced entirely from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in the Golan Heights and one vineyard in the Upper Galilee. The cool climate, rocky volcanic soil and high altitude are ideal conditions for growing classic wine grape varieties. Six months aging in primarily American oak barrels results in a wine that balances ripe berry and cherry characters with attractive vanilla and oak notes. To preserve the quality of the wine, this bottle should be stored on its side in a cool, dark place. Best served at 65-70F.

Kosher for Passover. 14.5% Alcohol

Next week is an important one for Christians and Jews with events like — Palm Sunday, Jesus’ triumphant return to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover; Passover, the celebration of the Israelites freedom from slavery in Egypt; Maundy Thursday, the date of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the disciples; Good Friday, the date of the crucifixion of Jesus; and, of course, Easter which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jews that observe the special dietary rules for Passover will be happy to know that this wine meets them. And while Christians do not follow these same rules there is a nice symbolism during this holy week in drinking wine from the very lands where Jesus walked in his earthly ministry.

The 2010 Golan Heights Winery Golan Cabernet Sauvignon begins with a very nice, strong aroma of dark berry fruit and black pepper. Tasting the wine reveals sour black cherry that’s a bit on the jammy side, sweet oak notes and vanilla. However, what makes this wine really stand out from the crowd is all the peppery spice and mineral notes. (The rock on the label should be a good hint of the minerality.)  This medium-bodied wine should be rather food flexible as well making it a good choice for your Passover and Easter meals. It ends dry with more rich dark berry flavors intermixed with a bunch of minerality and black pepper. Quite nice!

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Taste Rating: 7              Cost Rating: 7
Overall Rating: 7.0