Celebrate Finger Lakes Wine Month With Free Shipping On All New York State Wine from Marketview Liquor!

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This post is sponsored by Marketview Liquor.

Celebrate Finger Lakes Wine Month With Free Shipping On All New York State Wine from Marketview Liquor!

Perhaps my favorite part of running this site is the opportunity to try wine from regions that I may never have considered on my own. While finding another delicious Malbec from Argentina or another value priced Garnacha from Spain is lots of fun, I probably get the most satisfaction in finding delicious wine from unexpected regions.

For most of the country, New York State is still a rather unexpected spot to find great wine, but thanks to the success of the Finger Lakes (and other areas) that perception is changing. And since this month is “Finger Lakes Wine Month”, our friends at Marketview Liquor have come through with a promotion that makes it even easier to try these wines — free shipping!

For the entirety of this month, every New York State wine (not just the Finger Lakes) ships for free on orders of 6+ bottles (mix & match) at Marketview Liquor! This is no small selection either, Marketview offers the world’s largest assortment of Finger Lakes wines. See all 900+ wines from New York State here, and get every one of them with free shipping!

To help you decide just which wines to try, below you will find two sets of recommendations. First are three wines from Marketview Liquor — they are truly experts on these wines and so I encourage you to try their recommendations. Following that I also give you my three top picks from New York State (plus one limited quantity bonus pick). These are four of my very favorites that score very high on my rating system and hold their own against wine from any other region.

First up, from Marketview Liquor:

The Finger Lakes Wine Alliance has named the month of May “Finger Lakes Wine Month,” and Marketview Liquor is excited to celebrate the abundance of world-class wine made right in their own backyard. Along with dozens of other New York retailers and restaurants, Marketview will be participating by promoting the wines of the Finger Lakes all month long. They’ll be pouring Finger Lakes wines in store throughout the month, and be featuring dozens of wines in various promotions throughout May. Year after year the recognition and renown of the Finger Lakes wine region continues to grow and we are all proud to take part in promoting such an exceptional wine region. Celebrate Finger Lakes Wine Month at Marketview Liquor!

Lamoreaux Landing 2011 Dry Riesling
Lamoreaux Landing is one of the most gorgeous wineries in the Finger Lakes, and the wines have been equally exceptional for years. Somehow, Lamoreaux not only makes crisp, focused, and mouthwatering Riesling, they also manage to keep their prices lower than most wines from the region. If you are looking for one, everyday, go-to Finger Lakes Riesling, this would be the one.

Red Tail Ridge 2010 Blaufrankisch
The Finger Lakes region is constantly searching for a cool-climate red varietal that may match well to the region. If this wine is any indication, Blaufrankisch (often known as Lemberger) may be the way to go. Red Tail Ridge is a relatively new project in the Finger Lakes, and they’ve been strong coming out of the gate. This wine is just delicious, deep red and blue fruit with soft tannins and a silky mouth feel. The type of red you hope the Finger Lakes is capable of consistently making.

Boundary Breaks 2011 No. 239 Dry Riesling
A brand new project in the Finger Lakes, 2011 is Boundary Breaks first vintage, and what an introduction! Grown on prime Seneca Lake property, Boundary Breaks is focusing on single clones of Riesling that they hope will truly suit the region, and result in exceptional Riesling. Well, it appears they are on to something. This Riesling is lightly sweet with some lovely lingering acidity and a touch of mineral backbone. Keep your eye on Boundary Breaks, they are just getting started.

And now for my picks:

Fulkerson Winery Semi-Dry Riesling 2011 – A Fantastic Finger Lakes Riesling for only $10.
Pleasant aromas of apple, honey, peach and a little pineapple combine with lovely sweet and light flavors of lemon, apple and nectarine when tasting. This is one nice Riesling for only $10!

Get it with free shipping from Marketview Liquor here.

Red Newt Semi-Dry Riesling – Finger Lakes Riesling Roundup Round Two.
My favorite wine from last year’s Riesling Roundup. This one begins with aromas of pear, honey and even some mineral notes. The wine has good balance and tastes excellent with lots of sweet pear and honey along with some spicy white pepper. It finishes clean with good length. The Finger Lakes is known for Riesling and this is one of the best I’ve tasted.
Get it with free shipping from Marketview Liquor here.

Three Brothers Zero Degree Dry Riesling 2011 – Four Delicious Finger Lakes Rieslings For Under $15!
Dry Riesling may not have a lot of sugar in it, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a lot of fruit. This one begins with a bit subdued aroma of apple and peach, but those fruit flavors explode when tasting. It’s actually quite refreshing to find a wine with so much fruit that is not overly sweet. And if you’re looking for a bit more sweetness Three Brothers has an entire line of Riesling from Dry to Sweet to explore.
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A recent find from our Make Mine A Meritage series this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc will make you think twice about New York’s ability to make quality and affordable red wine. Available for as low as $13 this wine combines complex aromas with luscious jammy fruit, a silky smooth texture, fine tannins and good acidity when tasting. This is really an exceptional wine for the price, especially considering it comes from a smaller wine region that doesn’t have the long growing seasons and economies of scale of bigger regions.
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Don’t let this deal pass you by – visit Marketview Liquor and get all your New York State wine shipped for free on orders of 6+ bottles! (Mix & match, no coupon code needed.)

This post sponsored by Marketview Liquor.