Cheap and Refreshing White Wines – Trader Joe’s Week 2013 Wines #2 and #3

2012 Dr. Beckermann Piesporter Michelsberg Spatlese Riesling and the Espiral Vinho Verde.

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Trader Joe’s week continues with a couple inexpensive, refreshing and enjoyable white wines!


First up is the 2012 Dr. Beckermann Piesporter Michelsberg Spatlese Riesling from Mosel, Germany. This one was purchased for $6.99. 9.0% Alcohol.

The 2012 Dr. Beckermann Piesporter Michelsberg Spatlese Riesling begins with aromas of green apple, honey and some pleasant floral notes. The wine tastes simple and relatively sweet but it doesn’t overdo it. This is a very easy to drink wine that would make a good aperitif or a nice pairing for spicy food. It could use a bit more acidity but it has really nice flavor. The low alcohol percent is also rather refreshing. It ends with a surprisingly long finish. When you break down the parts of this wine it’s not all that impressive yet I couldn’t help but enjoy it. This would be great wine for the end of a long, hot day on the porch!

Taste Rating: 7              Cost Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 7.5

Recommended Buy


Next up is the Espiral Vinho Verde, a non-vintage wine from Portugal. This one goes for the low, low price of just $4.49. 9.0% Alcohol.

The Espiral Vinho Verde begins with lots of citrus on the nose, as well as some bread dough aromas. Drinking this wine is honestly a bit like having a 7-Up or Sprite thanks to all the bubbles and tons of citrus flavors. Still it’s crisp and refreshing and in the right situation it would certainly hit the spot. This is 90+ degree wine!

Taste Rating: 6              Cost Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 7.10

Recommended Buy

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