Wairau River Marlborough Pinot Noir 2011 – Why Yes

More Pinot Noir for the 99!

100% Pinot Noir from Marlborough, New Zealand.

SRP of $22 and available for as low as $16. Sample submitted for review.

From the bottle:

“Established in 1978, the Rose family estate vineyards are situated on the banks of the Wairau (Why-raow) River.

Careful crop control ensures ripe fruit, producing wine that has become renowned for exhibiting intense fruit aromas and classical elegance.

Our winery is carboNZero certified and symbolizes our company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. This means that we’ve reduced our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through energy-efficient initiatives and investment in verified mitigation projects.

13.% Alcohol”

You may remember our Pinot Noir For the 99 post from a few weeks back where we made the case for easy to drink Pinot Noir for under $20. While this may not be the wine that all winemakers want to make, it’s what most people want to drink. Today we have another Pinot Noir that falls squarely into this category.

The 2011 Wairau River Marlborough Pinot Noir begins with very pleasant aromas of cranberries, red cherry, a little smoked meat and spice. Tasting the wine reveals lots of bright, juicy raspberry, red licorice and a good amount of toasty oak that needs some time in the glass to lessen. You’ll also find good acidity and a smooth texture with soft yet persistent tannins. It ends with more juicy fruit that lasts for a very long time. Excellent.

See a listing of local retailers selling this wine here.

Taste Rating: 8              Cost Rating: 5
Overall Rating: 7.3

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