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  • SPONSORED POSTS -- We are currently accepting proposals for Sponsored Posts on the site. These are a full post written by you, with your content, on this site. These are posts that I think will interest my readers and at the same time, allow you to spread your content and advertise your business. See this post or this post for examples. These posts will be promoted across all my social media channels just like any other post on the site and will also go out to my RSS and email subscribers. In certain cases the post can also be written by me, contact me for more details.
  • SPONSORED REVIEWS -- Retailers, have a great wine (or wine accessory) and promotion you want to get in front of my audience? Submit your wine and wine related accessories for a sponsored review and all the links in the review will go back to your site for purchase by my readers. Include a special promotion to get even better results. (Wines are reviewed as any other and must meet my scoring requirements in order to be considered.) See here, here and here for examples.
  • AD-IN-A-POST Our most affordable advertising option, this is simply a small ad inside one of my daily posts. See here or here for examples. Buy multiple days and save!
  • SIDEBAR ADS -- There are a very limited number of ad spots available in the right sidebar because I hate sites that are crowded with ads. This gives you an opportunity to have a nearly exclusive audience and ensures your message will not get lost. Alternative sizes and placements may be available, just ask! You can also book these sidebar ads directly here.
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  • High traffic that is growing consistently and rapidly month over month! You can check out the number of pageviews, visitors and unique visitors in the last month per Google Analytics here.
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You can read more about The Reverse Wine Snob from the recent profile on Business Insider: This Guy Made His Name Finding Stellar Wines For Under $20 And He's About To Spill His Secrets.

Also check out some more recent media mentions:

More recent media mentions:
June 2014 - The Reverse Wine Snob is featured in the San Jose Mercury News as well as at Grape Collective!

June 2014 - The Reverse Wine Snob is a finalist in the 2014 Wine Blog Awards for "Best Wine Reviews"! Winners will be announced in July.

June 2014 - The Reverse Wine Snob named #8 on the 1st Half 2014 edition of the VinePair Wine Web Power Index, a ranking of the most influential wine websites! This moved us up four spots from the previous ranking and puts us right behind at #7 and ahead of sites like eRobertParker at #9 and Cellar Tracker at #10!

May 2014 - The Reverse Wine Snob is coming to a bookstore near you! "Thumbing Your Nose At Bottles Over $20: The Reverse Wine Snob's Guide to Buying Cheap, Quality Wine" to be published by Skyhorse Publishing Spring 2015.

May 2014 - The Reverse Wine Snob is profiled as a "Wine Change Agent" at the Crushed Wine App blog!

April 2014 - The Reverse Wine Snob named #5 on the list of top 24 social media influencers in the entire wine industry!

March 2014 - The Reverse Wine Snob named as a factor driving The Democratization of Wine by Branding Magazine!

February 2014 - The Reverse Wine Snob named Best Wine Blog by The Savory!

January 2014 - Silkbush Mountain Vineyards Blog: Reverse Wine Snobbery and Wine Supply Chain Economics.

December 2013 - The Reverse Wine Snob named #12 on the 2013 edition of the VinePair Wine Web Power Index, a ranking of the most influential wine websites!

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