The Best Box Wines

Boxed wine has a bad rap, and unfortunately a lot of it is deserved. There are way too many producers out there solely using the box to keep their costs as low as possible – including the cost of the wine. Bad wine is bad wine, no matter how cheap it is!

At Reverse Wine Snob we are constantly on the search for reputable wineries putting quality wine in a box for the right reasons -- convenience, being environmentally friendly, staying fresh for weeks and of course the cost savings in terms of packaging and shipping (which hopefully get passed on to you). Below are our favorite picks for the best box wines on the market.

(Hint: You might also want to check our Big Box Wine Rundown to find out which boxes you don’t want to pick!)

Maison Cubi Syrah Carignan 2013 – The Solution to the Boring Box


BULK BUY! 10% Syrah and 90% Carignan from Corbieres, Languedoc-Roussillon, France. The Carignan comes from 120 year old … [Read more...]

The Best Box Wines – Jack Tone Vineyards White Blend


A blend of Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Viognier and Muscat Canelli from California. SRP of $20 and available for as low as $16. Sample … [Read more...]

The Best Box Wines – Fuori Strada Off Road Sangiovese 2012


100% Sangiovese from Tuscany, Italy. Made with organic grapes. SRP of $15 and available for as low as $12 for a 1 Liter Tetra Pak. Sample … [Read more...]

The Best Box Wines – Lieb Cellars Bridge Lane White Blend 2013


29% Chardonnay, 26% Pinot Blanc, 18% Riesling, 14% Viognier, 9% Sauvignon Blanc and 4%Gewürztraminer from North Fork of Long Island, New … [Read more...]

The Best Box Wines – Wineberry Domaine de Garrigon Cotes du Rhone 2012


60% Grenache, 30% Carignan and 10% Syrah from Cotes du Rhone, France and made from organically grown grapes. SRP of $50 and available for … [Read more...]

The Best Box Wines – Duca Del Frassino Garganega/Pinot Grigio 2013


80% Garganega and 20% Pinot Grigio from delle Venezie IGT, Veneto, Italy. SRP of $20 and available for as low as $17. Imported by MW … [Read more...]