The Best Cabernet Sauvignon Under $20

Cabernet Sauvignon, the "King" of grapes! Yet not all Cabernet is created equal. This variety is probably grown in more places in the world than any other and while it is relatively easy to grow, it is also a late ripening grape that can lead to difficulties in colder climates (i.e. lots of "green" flavors in the wine).

Napa Valley and Bordeaux, France (where it forms the base for many of the famous Bordeaux blends) are probably the two most well known regions for this grape, but that also means that these areas often command a premium price. A great strategy for Reverse Wine Snobs is to look for areas that aren't quite as well known. For Cabernet that means places like Washington, Australia, Chile and the rest of California.

Another cost saving strategy in finding the best Cabernet Sauvignon under $20 is to look for Cabernet based blends. This variety makes an excellent blending partner with lots of other varieties, and just like when making a good stew or soup, the whole is often greater than the sum of the parts. Varieties like Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot blend beautifully with Cabernet.

Keep on reading for our picks as the best Cabernet Sauvignon under $20 and the best Cabernet based blends under $20!