The Best Italian Wine Under $20

Italian wine can be confusing but this is what happens when wine has been made in a place for hundreds and hundreds of years. Don't let the confusion stop you from exploring this region however, it is one of our very favorites.

Sangiovese is one of the major grapes in Italy, being the backbone of such renowned wines as Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino, as well as many Super Tuscan wines. A few of the often overlooked areas in Italy, however, may give the best value. For example, Alto Adige in the northern part of the country offers fascinating and affordable wines. Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea likewise offers tremendous value in varieties like Nero d'Avola that you generally don’t find anywhere else. Of course we'll also offer some tried and true favorites from places like Tuscany and beyond.

Read on for our list of The Best Italian Wine Under $20!