The Best Malbec Under $20

The Malbec grape offers a fascinating look into the rise and fall and rise again of a grape variety. Originally one of the primary Bordeaux varietals (and still a mainstay in the Cahors region of France), the grape lost favor in France in the 1950s and 60s due to its sensitive nature to things like frost and mildew. Before that happened; however, the variety was introduced into Argentina by a French agriculturist in the 1868. It maintained a relatively non-descript existence there until the 1990s when it exploded in popularity with Argentina now accounting for 75% of the entire world's acreage of this variety.

And while Argentina dominates in this variety, plantings are growing all over the world with lots of good wine being made in California, Washington, Chile and even places like New Zealand and Texas. Read on for our list of The Best Malbec Under $20!