The Best Spanish Wine Under $20

It might surprise you to know that Spain has more vineyard land than any other country in the world! (It also has the highest life expectancy in Europe -- coincidence? I think not!) Spain is one of our very favorite value regions because so much of that vineyard land is old, which means lots of really old grapevines, which equates to delicious wines.

Spain also follows strict laws as to how they can label their wine. This means that unlike a number of New World regions, wines here must meet stringent requirements to get a term like Reserva or Gran Reserva. In other words, when you see these terms on the label they actually mean something!

The Tempranillo and Garnacha varieties dominate the red wines here, but great value can be found in many other varieties as well, especially the whites. Read on for our picks of The Best Spanish Wine Under $20!