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Interactive Wine Ranking Spreadsheet

Interactive Wine Ranking Database. Bookmark This Page on Your Phone! You can sort by type of wine, cost, rating, etc. in both web and mobile versions of the interactive spreadsheet. Also see more info on the Current Top 10 Wines.

Click on the red MENU button at the top right of the chart and then select "More Views" to see other views of the data, including lists by store, wine type, etc. You can also create your own filtered view of the database that will be stored here and updated automatically as new wines are added! See the end of this post for more info on using the database!

The store information is in no way complete as I don't always know which wines are carried at Trader Joe's or Costco, especially market to market. If you happen to see one of the wines listed as "Other" at your TJ's or Costco, please let me know!

Search for these wines at your local retailers here. Also check out our articles on How To Buy Wine Online and Where To Find The Wine I Recommend.

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Here's some more info on how to best use the Reverse Wine Snob Wine Ranking database:

The Reverse Wine Snob Wine Ranking Database

The Wine Ranking database contains all of the wines I've reviewed along with their score and links to the reviews themselves. Clicking on the names of any of the columns will allow you to sort and filter. So for example, say you want a list of my top rated Malbecs. Simply hover over "Variety", click on the red menu button that appears, and filter based on Malbec:

You can then sort the resulting dataset by any of the columns to further refine your results.

A few other important features to note. To search within the database, click the magnifying glass at the top left:

The Reverse Wine Snob Wine Ranking Database - Search

On the top right, under the red "Menu" button, you'll find the option to share and next to it the option to view the dataset full-screen:

The Reverse Wine Snob Wine Ranking Database - Share

This is an important option to note! Once you go into full-screen mode you'll be able to save any views that you create for future reference. So if you created a list of the highest rated Malbecs, you can save it and then come back at any time and see an up-to-date list.

To see the customized views you've created, to download, discuss, embed or print simply click on the Red "Menu" button at the top right:

The Reverse Wine Snob Wine Ranking Database - Menu

Clicking on "More Views" will allow you to see not only your own saved views, but also a number that I and others have created. So go give it a try! I typically add the newest reviews to the database once or twice a week. All of this is run through the excellent Socrata Social Data Player.


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New customers get $100 in free wine from through this affiliate link!

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