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Hello and welcome to The Reverse Wine Snob: Thumbing My Nose at Bottles Over $20!

The Idea
To find out if it is possible to drink great wine without breaking the bank, and without developing a pretentious aura. After reading about all the health benefits of wine, my wife and I decided we should drink wine more often, but quickly discovered how expensive this can be. This set us on a search for great, inexpensive wine that we could drink most days with dinner, but not totally blow apart our budget. To our surprise we found there is a ton of really good, inexpensive wine out there (despite what some wine snobs might say)!

The Process
Drink lots of inexpensive wine and rate each one!

Much of the wine I review is available widely at places like Costco or Trader Joe's but some will be harder to find. Never fear, check out my articles on where to find the wine I recommend and how to buy wine online for some helpful hints and advice that will have you sipping the good stuff in no time.

Now that the site has become rather popular many of the wines that we review are free media samples, which is definitely a nice perk. Rest assured we are still 100% independent and we treat all wine the same, whether we bought it or not. As always, our reviews are based on the whole experience of drinking the bottle, usually over two days, and how the wine changes. No one sip tasting notes allowed!

The Ratings
All wines will be rated on two factors: Taste and Cost. Being analytical by nature I've come up with an algorithm that combines both of these into one Overall Rating.

The Taste Rating
A simple scale from 1-10. I'm endlessly confused by the 100 point rating system. If you have 100 points why are 80% of wines between 85 and 94?? Simplify, simplify, simplify. This rating is subjective so your opinion may vary.

The Cost (Value) Rating
Again, a 1-10 scale, but as price goes up, the rating goes down.

The Overall Rating
In order to score really high, a wine must be cheap and good. The more expensive the wine gets, the harder it is to get a high score unless the Taste Rating is off the charts, which is the way it should be, right? We're trying to maximize our dollars here!

The Recommendations
8.3 - 10: Bulk Buy! (buy as much as you can)
7.8 - 8.2: Highly Recommended* (grab a few)
7.0 - 7.7: Recommended Buy (by the bottle)
6.0 - 6.9: Give it a second chance?
<6.0 Skip it

[Update 2/13/2014: We recently added a new rating category of "Highly Recommended" for wines scoring between 7.8 and 8.2. Previously these were included in the Recommended Buy category (7.0 to 8.2) but to help differentiate among this large group we've added the new classification. We'll be going through the site over the next couple weeks and updating all the previous reviews that fall into this new category.]

And that's it! Now it's time to go find some tasty wine. The first thing you'll want to do is subscribe to keep up-to-date on all the latest reviews. You can receive my daily recommendation through Email or your favorite RSS reader. Both are completely free of course.

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If you'd like to start finding some delicious and cheap wine right away be sure to check out the latest Top 10 lists for my favorite wines! You can find all my reviews in the Wine Ranking Chart where you can sort by type of wine, cost, rating, etc. and create and save your personal shopping lists in the interactive database.

Want more info? Check out the recent profile of The Reverse Wine Snob on Business Insider: This Guy Made His Name Finding Stellar Wines For Under $20 And He's About To Spill His Secrets and also our recent article: Ten Tenets of Reverse Wine Snobbery - Beliefs we hold dear here that likely fly in the face of much you hear elsewhere.

And most importantly, thank you for stopping by!

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April 2014 - The Reverse Wine Snob named #5 on the list of top 24 social media influencers in the entire wine industry!

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February 2014 - The Reverse Wine Snob named Best Wine Blog by The Savory!

January 2014 - Silkbush Mountain Vineyards Blog: Reverse Wine Snobbery and Wine Supply Chain Economics.

December 2013 - The Reverse Wine Snob named #11 on the 2013 edition of the VinePair Wine Web Power Index, a ranking of the most influential wine websites!

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